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Sometimes small things can make the difference.
Here are some suggestions based on my experience.


To keep the whole design of the tapestry/ornament when the finishing process is complete, add two extra rows.  Simply stitch over two holes at once on each edge of the canvas with any left over yarn you have available.



When preparing to mail in your work, secure the tapestry, the Needlepoint Finishing Form, and your payment in a zip lock plastic bag.  Just in case your packaging material gets torn or wet during shipment.



Here is a great idea! Sign your work.

Make sure it is at least 4 rows up from the bottom or the sides.


If you tape the edges of your tapestry, please do not use duct tape.

If you use a mailing tube, please make sure to tape the ends securely.

* If you submit three or more tapestries at one time, I offer a discount.*

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