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Providing personalized attention to pillow and other needlework finishing services using quality materials at affordable prices with timely turnaround and satisfaction guaranteed.  
Proud US finisher for Ehrman Tapestry for more than twenty years.

Owner's Message


Needlepoint is a type of hand embroidery. Specifically, a counted form of embroidery. This means that it is stitched on a canvas that has pre-designated holes. Needlepoint is worked one stitch at a time on an even-weave canvas and is fairly easy to learn. Needlepoint is both creative as well as therapeutic; it engages both the hands as well as the imagination, causing the body to relax and de-stress by the gentle rhythm of thread working through the canvas.

My love for sewing began in my late teens from my mom. I loved the idea of being able to create something for someone that could be so meaningful. After watching and learning from my mom, I bought my first sewing machine at 19 years old. It wasn’t long before I started to cross stitch then, one stitch led to another (no pun intended), and I discovered needlepoint. My discovery did not start until I started working for the United States branch of Ehrman Tapestry* (click here for more info)

I AM The US Finisher for Ehrman Tapestry — the rest is history! 

I am fortunate enough to love what I do from the comfort of my own home. I have a wonderful home workshop where I am able to bring meaningful projects to life. I have a ginormous table in the center of it where I can spread my projects out and have plenty of space to work with. I have all of my fabric and cord along one wall, sewing machines desk with computer on another wall and my mailing station on the final wall, with pillow boxes stuffed wherever they will fit. I have photos' of my grandchildren and family interspersed on all the walls. Nothing beats being able to do what I love and still having my grandkids run by, or a quick lunch down the hall! —a true match made in heaven. Although I do not have a storefront, technology has allowed me to expand my business as well as my ability to communicate with my customers. I’m available via text/email at your convenience for inquiries, cording/fabric color matching, or any questions you may have. My 25 years of experience (and beloved home workshop) has allowed me to provide my customers with the expectation of quick turnaround time and professional workmanship. 

Currently one of my sons does most of my sewing, my daughter does the monogramming process and my other son and daughter-in-law will be added when I decide it is time to give it up. It gives me great pleasure knowing that they will continue my business with the passion and dedication that I have alway valued. 

It is my pleasure to bring a piece of your home into mine. I appreciate your support in my passion and business and look forward to completing your “labor of Love” with you soon! 



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